Would a loving God send good people to Hell?

Would a loving God send good people to Hell?

Haven’t we all asked a question like this in our lives at one point? When life seemed completely unfair we have asked “why”. When someone we love, dies, we tend to ask why they first? Why do good people are taken first? These are the kind of questions we are sure you have asked. Some have no answers, some you come across via books of Revelation.

If you like reading books and are on the brink of breakdown, then reading about plagues of Egypt or the very famous Moses and the Red Sea could be good for you. While such questions do not have tangent answers because the person who was good to you, may have been not good for another. But in a general view, you may want to get some answers.

If you like to seek the truth there are other ways to find it too-

Practice awareness

Observing is a great part of life. God does a miracle in different ways. If you see the world as an audience, you will notice the things you generally missed. It can be the shades of the leaves, how the trees dance with the air, little things people do for you, what makes them angry, etc.


It helps you gain a pure perspective of life. It helps you cope with every situation without panic because you come to an understanding that all of this is part of life- the good and bad. Unless you are quiet from within, you will keep asking questions like are we living in the end times?

While you practice these, also know about the concept of heaven and hell. You will need to understand the importance of God and it’s ways. For many, God doesn’t exist, hence what would they do? Do they believe in the universe? It can be anything.

There are books by Eric Klein that are adaptations of the Bible. He explains with Jesus’ work and other enlightening stories. If books are not your cup of tea, watch documentaries.

It is the time of the global pandemic and everyone needs certain kinds of answers to the above questions even more. His books are available online in Amazon so you can grab your copy and give it a read. Here’s hoping you find peace and all the happiness in this trying time of the world.

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