Words of God rewritten by Eric Klein

Words of God rewritten by Eric Klein

It is of great wonder and thoughtfulness that many of us believe and don’t believe in God. While some may be completely out of touch with their surrounding, many want to leap of faith and dive in God’s work. They would ask why do we suffer, why does God allow sufferingand so on. 


Books that you can read for wisdom and knowledge


There is a very gracefully and meticulously written book by Eric Klein called Why God. The book is a sensational one relating to question about God, his existence, love, mercy, suffering and so much more. 

The world comes together because of God, religion, and faith. These are the very things that can separate one from each other. You must have gone through some concern, confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty in your life? We all have had some kind of suffering in our lives, questioning everything in dark times. It has a phenomenal effect on the mind in such phases. For those who have gone through such a time, for those who have a thirst for knowledge, true guidance, and wide curiosity about life and beyond, they could read Eric’s books that have the ability to show you the right path. What is mercy? Is Satan realOr are all Christian’s hypocritesAre just some of the questions out of many that have been covered in this book. 



Moses talks about a great fighter who met with a miracle. How he came to terms with who he was, the role of his daughter, stumbling upon God, and how it changed his life entirely, all of it is described beautifully in this book. 


Easy to Read Bible Stories

Children have a charming way of asking questions. They have strong behavior to ask questions that adults can’t or don’t have the audacity to. With Easy to Read Bible Stories, he gives a twist to books like Bible. This book is mostly for children for a clear and improved understanding of God. The book has an informal style of writing with bouts of sarcastic humor in between. It is just right for children interested in the Bible, knowing the pathways; it is a book of surprise. When they read the book, they will be able to bond with the characters. 


Read these stories to get to know who is the antichristRead these books for peace and guidance in life. They are available in Amazon at a good price in both kindle and paperback version!

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