Is it enough to read the books related to the bible?

Is it enough to read the books related to the bible?

If one is going through an unforeseen situation in life, they tend to lose hope. Nothing seems right. Life seems like a burden in every aspect. They question their existence, they have top questions about god and they just don’t know which way to move forward. It is like the mind has closed. The current times are especially overwhelming for everyone. There is uncertainty everywhere. People do not know what’s in the future. They seek answers to everything. Some pray, some go to religious places and others read the bible like books.

Is reading religious books enough to overcome difficulties?

In a word, No. It isn’t enough just to read any spiritual book like Why God by Eric KleinIf someone recommended you read such a book, and you read it just for the sake of it, then it is the wrong way to start.

We believe that reading any kind of books should be read with an open mind, a genuine interest to understand it. When a person is low, they do not want unsolicited advice. They want to be alone for a while. It is natural to do so because they feel that no one will understand their problem so why advice. Their journey is not the same as yours, hence they shove it aside. If one is gifting you philosophical or books by eric Kleinthey must have thought it out. They are just trying to help.

Just reading a book like easy to read bible stories is not enough. Understanding and apply it in the next step. Be aware of your actions, know what the book is trying to convey. Maybe it gives you guidance to go ahead.


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