Inculcating Religious Habits in Times of Crisis

Inculcating Religious Habits in Times of Crisis

We all are going through a particularly unique time of our lives. It is a state of fear and uncertainty all over. There are many who have resorted to negative habits while others have polished old or gotten new habits in them. Some resort to reading bible-like books that delve with questions like is Satan real or why does God allow suffering?

Here are some habits you could inculcate while on self-quarantine or in a lockdown situation


Today, the mind will ask questions like what is mercy or are all Christian’s hypocrites owing to the protests against racism going on. One can read books like Why God by Erick Klein who has explained things about God and life in a simple way. This bible like book answers many questions one keeps having in such times. It may also lead you to a certain path in life. You are free to read other kinds of books that give you a good feel or adrenaline rush within. There are mystery books, books based on real-life, sci-fi, fact-based knowledgeable books, romantic-comedy books to make yourself feel light and fun.

Reading helps keep the mind active a better way and this is what you need right now- staying away from negativity.


This might be a good time to seek God’s guidance and blessings. Even if you do not believe in them, pray to the universe for a better world. So if you have read books like Bible and gotten answers to who is the antichrist or why do we suffer, then you might as well try praying too.

It is said that you can form a habit if you continue to do it genuinely and diligently for at least two weeks. It rewires the brain to do it even if you don’t want to sometimes.


Reading and praying is one step towards surrendering to God. The words that Jesus used, needs to be implemented in real life too. With so much negativity around, it would be a good start.

Cooking healthy recipes

This is something non-religious work but for the soul. Cook some new types of food. It is always fun to do something different than follow a routine. Give yourself that break and indulge in baking. Make some baked dishes like Florentine or a mousse cake. It may feel good to eat something you made after so much of hard work.

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