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1) Will there be any more books to Easy to read bible stories?


When “Easy to Read Bible Stories: Genesis” was released in 2018, it was making sales worldwide within one month.

I plan to release the next volume in the series, “Moses: the real life and times”’ in the summer of 2020 (possibly for FREE) when you sign up for the email newsletter.

I anticipate “Why God?” will be released by the end of May.

Finally, there is another book in the works. The title I am considering, “A race to the end: are you Christ ready?” It is going to be a book about the upcoming rapture of the church and the proof that surrounds us in our daily lives. More details will be coming soon via email.

2) Where did you get your inspiration to write “Why God?”

In the months following the release of “Genesis”, I received multiple questions about different topics (listed within the book). The number one question that was asked was, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I originally had no intention to write another book but as the questions kept pouring in, I felt that if this many people (locally) were asking these types of questions about God; how many more could there be worldwide?

3) Do you teach people about Christianity?

I do not consider myself to be a teacher, primarily because I do not feel qualified to have earned that title.  However, I suppose if I really gave it enough thought – I teach anyone who is willing to read my books or email their questions. I do not think I am ready to run a bible study or be an actual teacher at this time. But I suppose we are all teachers to someone as we grow in Christ.

4) What’s your favorite story in the Bible?

I had to give this one a little bit of thought. When Cassidy, my niece and inspirer of Genesis, was just eight years old, she would consistently ask me to “tell her stories from the Bible. We talked mainly about the characters in Genesis but sometimes she would make a special request for Samson.

My personal favorite though, like anyone – I suppose, would be a story I can relate too and learn from; that story would be Job (Jobe). I like the story of Job because of how the story starts off – a man that God calls friend (like Abraham), a man who was so righteous that he would pray every morning and repent, not necessarily for himself but for his children, workers, and wife as well…just in case somebody messed up, Job asked God to forgive them. Then suddenly, because Satan was bored and wanted to wreak havoc, he manipulated God (or so he thought) to allow him to punish Job.

Job lost his home, land, animals (wealth), kids, workers – all in the same day! Yet, he never cursed God nor even asked Him, “Why?” When that didn’t make Job curse God, Satan found a way to punish him again.  This time it was horrible, painful boils from his head to his feet. However, rather than curse God like Satan wanted him too, he picked up a piece of broken pottery from the ruins of his once beautiful home where his (now dead) children lay and slashed himself across one of the boils; he then got on his knees and praised God (while weeping for his losses).

By now, Satan was furious that he couldn’t get Job to curse God, so he sent Job’s wife to him. Rather than comfort him in their time of grief, she insisted that Job should “just curse God and die”! He still refused; next came three of Job’s closest friends who insisted that Job must have done something horrible to upset the God of the Universe. For hours (presumably – in this case, thirty-eight chapters), they argued back and forth about what Job must have done to deserve this.

At the very end, God finally intervenes and tells them that Job did not do anything wrong to deserve this; it was a test of his loyalty (to God) – and he passed! God had restored everything that Job had and more!

I cannot think of a single person on this Earth that has that much loyalty to anyone, even God. Like Abraham being tested to kill his son, Isaac, that kind of loyalty does not come without a heavy burden. I truly admire these men (of courage and loyalty). Even thought I openly admit, I know I would never be able to stand in their shadow, they are the kind of man I strive to be!

5) What is your favorite movie or book from the last five years?

Believe it or not – that is kind of a difficult question to ask.  I am a huge movie fan, primarily Christian or action/drama. For the Christian movies, it would be “I can only imagine” with “The case for Christ coming a close second”. I can relate to either of them.

For the action/drama, my vote would go to Equalizer part 2 with Denzel; I love when the good guys stand up for those that can’t protect themselves.


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