Defining children’s life through books like Easy to Read Bible Stories

Defining children’s life through books like Easy to Read Bible Stories

As we write this article today, it is saddening to see so much violence and protests going on in any part of the world. There are is a major protest against racism going on in the USA and several other countries. And this is where many ask a common question- why does God allow sufferingWe as humans are obnoxiously losing faith from Jesus’ lovepatience, and goodness that are the basics of Christianity. This is the reason why one needs to read the Bible or books related to it to understand life in depth.

Children who have grown up or are growing up seeing this negativity need secured living at its best. Since the Bible is a bit difficult to understand for children who have a high curiosity and reasoning level, Eric Klein wrote Easy to Read Bible Stories in a simple, conversational manner. It is just out of the Bible but in his words for kids. This book covers all stories in Genesis, the first book in the Holy Bible. There is a touch of wit and sarcasm that is needed for a kid’s book. The stories are written in a way to make the characters appear more realistic; as if their lives were being told. When you’re reading each story, you should be able to effortlessly relate to the character.

The whole point is to have a faith and positive foundation when a child. They should have the will to ask rebellion questions like are all Christians hypocrites? is Satan real?- To get clarity and satisfaction about knowledge.  If the faith gets lost, if there is no proper guidance at a little age, children tend to go to the other side of life- the darker one.

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 Why God by Eric Klein is out there for all to read. It is for everyone whether a believer or not. They could read it as fiction or non-fiction, it is up to them. This book has top questions about god that everyone asks at some point in their life.

These religious/self-help books act as a guide for many. It is not always that one writes something like what is mercyOr who is the antichrist?. 

One could only read it if they have the thirst for diverse knowledge, spirituality, and opening their mind to a new dimension via the Holy Bible.

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