Books that Delve with Deeper Questions of Life

Books that Delve with Deeper Questions of Life

We have too many questions in our mind all the time. Most of it is related to life. The dark times that we face bothers us to the core. It is during the difficult times when questions like why does God allow suffering or why is life so unfair crop up. 

Why God by Eric Klein


There are books like Why God that answers a lot of questions about God that invariably answers questions about life. It helps set a path for the person who is completely lost. These questions are bound to come up, especially during these times of pandemic, violence, and hatred of all sorts. People would ask what is mercy or is Satan real? Eric Klein makes sure that the book people read gives them some guidance for living a better life. The bible-like book would act as a source of inspiration to do something instead of pitying. 


Easy to Read Bible Stories


This is the book particularly made for children. The language has a conversational tone and is simple for kids to understand complex things about God’s views and life. Children have so much of curiosity within them. They are still growing up in this world and trying to understand the ways of it. They have so many questions not just about God but about every aspect of life. They would ask questions like who is the antichrist or are all Christian’s hypocrites because they see actions contradictory to what they read. 




Your child will love reading Moses. Both Moses and Easy to Read Bible Stories are fantastic choices for kids. But they are also liked by adults as well for the reason that adults can see the story behind the story. It is written down so that the bible is much easier to comprehend. 


All of the books mentioned above are available in paperback or eBook. It is for a limited time and there is an affordable price put on it. Buy them before the stock is finished. 

If you find these books helpful in any way, please recommend them to others. Everyone needs help in some way or the other and if it comes from a book, it would be great. 


Have an open mind to read such books and implement them in your life. These are hard times and who knows what influences a person’s brain in a better way.

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