About Author

Eric is an author and professional truck driver, born/raised in Brooklyn, NY. After spending almost thirty years in Colorado, after his parents divorced in 1979 and his own marriage fell apart in 2007, Eric found himself seeking a new path for his life. A path that would lead him to filling an empty void deep in his soul. Eric grew up a loner, favoring the fantasy world rather than reality.  Movies such as: The Goonies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Rocky, and Superman were all time classics for him.


In 2009, Eric moved back to New York and met his niece, Cassidy, for the first time. This little girl was so full of life and seemed to love God more than life itself, a bond for Eric that would be unbreakable for many years. It was the persistent questions from Cassidy (about God) that led to his first book, “Easy to Read Bible Stories.”

Eric did not have much money to become published and get the professional help only a good publisher could offer. However, rather than letting that stop him, Eric continued to do everything he could to share his stories with the world.


Eric has since written other books like, “Moses (the life and times),” and “Why God: answers to the world’s top questions about God.” These books are available through major retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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