3 ways of reading a religious book

3 ways of reading a religious book

Questions about god often crop up in our minds. Questions like would a loving God send good people to hellOr is heaven a real place that is quite natural to pop up. This is the reason why there are books like Why God or Easy to Read Bible Stories by Eric Klein. It is a version of the Holy Bible but in a different way.

So how do you read such books?

  1. Select any book and read it daily

The book will become your guide or Guru on the spiritual path. Don’t keep changing the book or the mantra or your reading method. It always helps to find the spiritual guidance which you can stick to. Similarly when you select one book, then read that book every day, if need be, start again. Every time you read such books, you will find a newer or deeper meaning or insights from it. As you grow older and a bit matured, the same text will have different mysterious meanings for you.

  1. Read with intensity

Become a friend of God and read the spiritual book with its entirety and with full focus. Reflect on the meaning of the text. Don’t be in a rush to read more and more text. Read one paragraph and then think about it. Let the stories dive deep within you. When you understand the spiritual book every day, with a new meaning and contemplate about it genuinely, then gradually the teachings become part of you. Thus subtly it directs your life choices and decisions, slowly bringing transformation and wisdom inside you. As you soak up more and more teachings from the book, it will start reflecting in your speech, actions, and presence. So don’t just read the book, take up its teachings. Then the questions like, “is hell a real place?” would not matter.

  1. Implement the teachings in real life

The most important part is to practice it in real life. Because then only the transformation is reflected in your deeds. It’s not easy to be completely honest, integrated, and truthful in current times when everything is corrupted. But that is the real test of a spiritual/religious person. Stay in the world and yet stay untouched by the worldly vibes.

Children could read Noah’s Ark and learn about a worldwide floodThe purpose of any good book is to guide you on a passageway; eventually, it is you who have to walk on it on your own, so keep the above in mind and have a good read.

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